About Us

" Transparency increases Credibility and Accountability "
- Park Won-Soon

Our Story

With over 20 years of credit card processing experience, we will leverage the industry to guarantee the best in savings, technology and customer experience! We are a Merchant Service Brokerage Group that acts as a “watchdog” service for your business. We have heard countless stories of undisclosed long-term contracts, Leases, constantly inflating fees and terrible customer service. Our sole focus is on our clients! We use our experience and personal relationships with a vast network of trusted processing platforms to leverage the most cost-effective programs for our clients. Our mission is to learn your business, earn your trust, and advocate for you. We want our clients to know that we will be there for them and always prioritize their needs first!


Our Technologies

The Technologies we offer for merchant processing will cover all of your payment acceptance needs, whether it be face to face in-store, via Mobile in the field, online via your website, or all of the above! We have a verity of secure customizable payment solutions to fit your business or industry. And as your needs change or expend, we are fully prepared to accommodate your evolution. Take a look below!